There is only one place to start in the story of Kimmy Loves Cake, and that’s with Kimmy. Qualified with a degree in Criminal Justice, baking was always a just a hobby to escape the world of crime fighting where she worked in forensics. With a passion and skill passed down from her granddad and mom, and an ever growing collection of recipe books, Kim’s family and friends were regularly treated to delicious cakes. As word of her talent spread, and orders started to come in, Kim left her job to set up Kimmy Loves Cake. Initially baking from home, Kim opened The Kimmy Loves Cake Bake Shop in December of 2011 in her home town of Bewdley.

As the name lets on, Kim loves cake! But she also loves her family and The Bake Shop is a really family effort. If you pop into the shop you’re likely to meet Kim and her mom, Deanna, as they bake all of the cakes fresh daily. The counter that they serve from, well that was hand built by her dad, and the whole fit out of the shop was done by her two brothers. There’s also me (Rich), helping out where I can, mainly with product testing!!!